A sandbox environment will be utilized for the purposes of integration testing with partners. The sandbox environment is a code replica of the Skipcart live platform and therefore integration testing will serve as a full certification prior to go-live.

Endpoints & Logins

Base API Endpoint: https://stageapi.skipcart.com/V1api/
Admin Portal Endpoint: https://stage.skipcart.com

Each partner will be issued 2 separate sets of credentials to access the API Interface & Admin Portal respectively. The Admin Portal offers the ability to manually create new orders along with other features.

AppTokens & UserTokens

Each partner interfacing with Skipcart APIs is required to be provisioned with a unique partner AppToken. Once provisioned the AppToken does not change. The AppToken is a required field in each Skipcart API request header. Below is a sample AppToken.

AppToken: 539ca86c-1012-49c8-86c2-ddf16dd9434g

In addition to the AppToken, there is also a UserToken. Unlike the AppToken, which is a unique partner identifier, UserTokens are a security mechanism which are generated and retrieved daily from the Authentication API.

UserTokens are valid for a period of 24 hours, after which they will not work. It is not necessary to authenticate before every API call - the UserToken can be used in subsequent calls until the point it expires.

UserToken: HwpRQJmwR8ZeqE9zUDCVON7b/Dq3yQcfw6OH9+HKuA17sENoQhf66aW75lcsFh53a2gBepMNNt+mi/zEE6l5stZyelTwY0ALdCZQIJdRKvlOK8zpWnYWZpN+LolfpAFrFS++ppJfTP/YwWoWc0z2juwDG1J6capfWd00zI7jYp7D3lk1G6eqLtBTGCYOx9cK


UserTokens do not need to be retrieved prior to each API call - they are generated and retrieved daily from the Authentication API