"partner_order_id":"20180702007", "skipcart_order_id":"123", "skipcart_delivery_id":"12365",
"event_status":" delivery_proof_uploaded",
"parking_slot": "1234",
"schedule_failed_reason":"Address not traceable on google maps", "driver":{
"phone":"5556985478", "photo":"https://assets.skipcart.com/driver/1233423/profile.jpg", "vehicle":{
      "license_plate":"VTT 3625"
} },
"lng":"" },
"estimated_arrival":{ "time_utc":"2018-07-02T12:30:00Z", "distance_meters":"3256"
}, "tracking_url":"https://stage.skipcart.com/t=2233", "delivery_details":{
"delivered_on_utc":"2018-07-02T12:30:00Z", "signature":"https://assets.skipcart.com/254521/signature.jpg", "photo":"https://assets.skipcart.com/254521/delphoto.jpg", "remarks":"Great on time delivery",
"return_reason":"Door Locked / No Answer" },


The JSON structure will remain consistent for each event_status, however depending on the event certain fields will contain no data.

Attribute Breakdown

Field Name



Partner generated order ID


Internal Order ID generated by Skipcart


Skipcart groups multiple orders for efficiency, this is the delivery ID assigned to a
group of orders


Every time an event fired in Skipcart system, a corresponding non-blocking call is initiated
to Partner system using web-hooks. Event time is in UTC and indicates the time the time at which the event happened.


event_status defined in Skipcart systems, see table above for breakdown of various events


Optional - Parking slot # where driver is waiting for pickup. This is only returned in arrived_at_store & return_at_store events.


order_status defined in Skipcart systems, see table above for breakdown of order statuses and correlation to events


If order status is schedule_failed, this field will contain the applicable failure reason


This group contains information about the driver assigned to the order:

driver_id – Unique identification number of the driver
first_name – First name of the driver
last_name – Last name of the driver
phone – Masked mobile number of the driver, valid until the order is delivered/returned
photo – URL of photo of driver
vehicle – Vehicle driver is using to deliver to customer. Includes make, model, color, type, license_plate


Geolocation coordinates of the driver at the time of event:

lat– Latitude
lng– Longitude


Estimated arrival of driver to store or customer:

time_utc – Expected time of arrival in UTC
distance_meters– Distance to the destination measured in meters


Tracking URL of the order. The Skipcart generated URL is short so it can be sent to customer by partner via SMS or other format. The web page contains map, current location of driver (updated frequently), driver contact details, vehicle details and customer address


This section contains the delivery proofs after the delivery has been completed or returned to

delivered_on_utc – Delivery time in UTC
signature – URL of signature of Customer/Partner
photo – URL of delivery proof
remarks – Remarks given by customer
delivery_fee – delivery fee to be paid to the driver
return_reason – Reason for return of delivery


If the event is close_order, this field returns one of the below values stating the reason for closing the order:



The "photo" field contains only the driver photo; the delivery photo and signature are not open to the public. See section 'Fetching Images from Skipcart' for further detail.

The Driver’s photo is open and does not require any security. It can be directly used in tag and directly assigned to src attribute in HTML.