Skipcart APIs & webhooks provide a one-stop experience to allow for seamless partner delivery experiences. Integration with Skipcart out of the box APIs can instantly position any partner or POS to offer on-demand delivery services using their existing interface.

The Basics

Skipcart offers a suite of out of the box RESTful APIs which can be tailored to partner requirements. The APIs accept and return JSON-encoded objects and utilize standard HTTP response codes. Skipcart also offers standard webhook functions for partners who do not have a predefined set of webhooks.

The table below represents the full list of available APIs which interface with Skipcart.

AuthenticationPOSTAuthenticates a user via API callY
Get Serviceable Zip CodesPOSTRetrieves a list of zip codes serviced by Skipcart, called before quotingN

Recommended for Quote Based Partners
Get QuotePOSTGet a quote from Skipcart for an orderRequired for Quote Based Partners
Create OrderPOSTCreates an Order in Skipcart systemsY
Get Status of an OrderGETRetrieve the status of a single order (Webhooks can be utilized alternatively)Y
Delete OrderDELETEDeletes an order from SkipcartY
Search OrdersGETSearch one or more orders in Skipcart systemsN
Post Order TippingPOSTAdd tip for individual order to pass to driver AFTER the order is delivered to customerN
Skipcart WebhooksPOSTUpdate partners with status of orders as they progress; webhook events are published to a partner provided endpointN

Sunny Day Process Flow


At a high level, the sunny day order flow consists of the below:

  • Partner authenticates - once every 24 hours
  • Partner retrieves Skipcart serviceable zip codes
  • Partner requests quote from Skipcart
  • Partner submits order to Skipcart to fulfill delivery
  • Partner queries Skipcart to retrieve order status which is updated real time as webhooks & events are triggered
  • If post order tipped is received from delivery recipient, Post Order Tipping API can be used to pass tip onto driver