Get Serviceable Zip Codes allows a partner to retrieve a list of serviceable zip codes that will be used by the partner to generate a Get Quote request. This API should only be utilized by Quote-based partners.

Skipcart recommends retrieving the list of zip codes daily, post authentication, to ensure that Skipcart and partner systems are synchronized daily. Partner systems should rely on the zip codes returned in Get Serviceable Zip Codes response to reference as the list of Skipcart supported zip codes.

Get Serviceable Zip Codes Request

  "merchant_code": "ExampleMerchant"


If a quote request is submitted to Skipcart with a zip code which is not within the Get Serviceable Zip Codes response then the quote response will always return a 'OutsideDeliveryArea' error. This is why retrieving the zip codes frequently is best practice; to ensure partner systems are always in sync with the Skipcart supported areas.