Quotes provide partners with delivery fees, estimated pickup & dropoff times, Quote ID, quote expiration times and other info. For quote based partners, a quote must be created prior to creating a Skipcart order. Get Quote is a required API for Quote-based partners.

Quotes are valid for a specific amount of time - this time is configurable per Skipcart partner. Quotes do expire and orders should be placed against the quote by the expiration time for the quote to be honored. The quote expiration time is returned in the Get Quote response.

There is not a limit to the number of quotes which can be generated. Partners can request multiple quotes and place a Skipcart order for only the preferred quote.

Get Quote Request

    "merchant": {
        "code": "ExampleMerchant"
    "quote_external_reference": "ExampleMerchant12345",
    "pickup_time": "2021-02-26T09:00:00Z",
    "drop_time": "",
    "contains_alcohol": "no",
    "allowed_vehicles": "Car",
    "order_value": 22.5,
    "total_weight": 0,
    "total_volume": 0,
    "total_qty": 0,
    "brand_name": "ExampleBrand",
    "pickup": {
        "address1": "101 Woods of Boerne Blvd",
        "address2": "Ste 200",
        "city": "Boerne",
        "state": "TX",
        "zip": "78006",
        "country": "US",
        "latitude": 29.78993630714541,
        "longitude": -98.70493583463175,
    "dropoff": {
        "address1": "202 W Kronkosky St",
        "address2": "",
        "city": "Boerne",
        "state": "TX",
        "zip": "78006",
        "country": "US",
        "latitude": 29.78633519394706,
        "longitude": -98.72929029242228,


Most of the above parameters influence Quote value. Our Quoting is configurable; you can work with your Skipcart Account manager to customize the quote based on one or more parameters.